Who are we

Resistimos desde Cerro Matambo. Centro del Huila. Colombia

Who are we

We are an organization for the defense and the permanence in the territory. 

12 years ago we have started the process against the imposition of the El Quimbo dam owned by the Italian ENEL-Emgesa. The organization, resistance, and social mobilization are the foundations of the defense of territorial autonomy, social, economic, cultural, and environmental rights of the communities’ victims of the extractivist model.

We resist the accumulation by dispossession and the destruction of ecosystems by transnational corporations. We fight for the construction of an alternative model of Food and Energy Sovereignty decided collectively by the communities according to their needs and the care of natural and cultural assets.

We work from four action scenarios: the political, the organizational, the legal and the communicative, in order to demand compliance with the obligations of the State and transnational companies, for the right to Socio-environmental Justice, Sovereignty and food autonomy, Agroecology and other own systems that recognize the traditional and ancestral knowledge of the communities.

The organization is made up of peasant farmers, fishermen, artisanal barequeras (os), and day laborers, who make their decisions through the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, responsible for guiding the territorial committees and their respective work plans to dynamize the actions agreed in each of the municipalities.

It has an operational team attached to the Board of Directors with the purpose of coordinating the tasks of research, organization, training, communication, and construction of thematic lines and methodologies for:

  1. Defense and permanence in the territory
  2. Alternative public and community models
  3. Autonomy and territorial power

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